Yugoslav Film Archive

  • Address: Uzun Mirkova 1
  • Phone:011 32 48 250
  • Working hours: 15:00 – 21:00
  • Webiste: www.kinoteka.org.rs

The Yugoslav Film Archives (the name since 1952) is the national film archives of the Republic of Serbia, founded in 1949 as the central Yugoslav Film Archive. During operation, has repeatedly changed its status, and today, according to the Law on Protection of Cultural Property, an institution of great importance for Serbia. It consists of four organizational units: Archives of the Yugoslav Film Archive, the Museum of Yugoslav Film Archive – movie theaters, libraries and General Services.

Yugoslav film archive has a new modern building in the city centre. Now, everything is like it should be, you can watch old movies, attend film festivals and lectures. Also, there’s a bar if you want to drink some coffee.